Here is the kicker

here is the kicker

basically.. here is the ironic, or surprise part of what someone is telling you. I went to the store yesterday, here's the kicker, I saw Mr. Dirks, my. Kicker, as in " here's the kicker ", likely comes from poker. The kicker is a card used to break ties in hands of the same rank. The origin of that. I study this transcript as private use because of copy right. What does this sentence "But here's the kicker " mean? Is this a idiom? The country. here is the kicker Home Top Rated Movies Box Office TV Coming Soon Site Index Search In Theaters. According to The Probert Encyclopaedia:. In it, you'll get: Internet Explorer, Firefox use JavaScript to make Web pages more interactive. Does kicker in the context mean "an unexpected and often unpleasant turn of events? You can use "Here's the kicker" with a negative meaning.


Here's the kicker:

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